Mason-Dixon Rescue
Dogs, Inc.

"That Others May Live"

Sharon Ballweg

Position: K9 Handler
Status: Operational
K9(s): Titan, In Training; Miko, Operational Area (Live) & Hemi (Retired)

Sharon joined MDRD in 2001 and shortly thereafter Bear, a solid black German Shepherd, became her K9 partner. They worked together for several years when she made the difficult decision to retire him. In 2006, Sharon got a new K9 partner, 8 week old Miko, a black and white Border Collie. Together they have certified in live find and human remains detection (HRD) and have responded to numerous searches resulting in two live finds and one confirmed human remains find. In 2009, Sharon added another K9 partner, an 8 week old, curly coated, Border Collie named Hemi who was adopted from a rescue organization in Virginia. Hemi is also dual trained in the disciplines of live find and human remains detection. Sharon and Hemi will be taking their final certification tests, in both disciplines, in the very near future.

Sharon currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for MDRD.

Certifications include: Certified K9 Handler with K9 Miko in the disciplines of live find and HRD, Wilderness First Responder, NASAR SARTech II, NASAR SARTech II Evaluator, and ARDA HRD Evaluator.