Mason-Dixon Rescue
Dogs, Inc.

"That Others May Live"

Lisa Kakavas

Position: K9 Handler
Status: Operational
K9(s): Zildjian, Operational HRD

Lisa joined MDRD in 2000 with her K9 Cleo, a black GSD. They certified as an Area Search ( live find) team and deployed on many searches together. Cleo was retired at the age of 11 after a career that included two live finds. Lisa is currently working K9 Zildjian (a.k.a. “Z”), a sable GSD, in Human Remains Detection. They have been a certified team since 2011 and have deployed on numerous searches together. She looks forward to introducing a 3rd K-9 partner in the near future.

Lisa has filled many roles within MDRD, currently serving as the organization’s President. She has also served as Vice President, Secretary, and Operations Leader.

Certifications: Certified K9 Handler (HRD), NASAR SARTech II, Wilderness First Responder, Managing Land Search Operations, and NASAR SARTech II Evaluator.